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From teeny seeds and tiny shoots

to little buds

that soon will bloom.

I'm Satu, A mum of two and the teacher and owner of Blooming Bubs.


Blooming Bubs offers age appropriate baby classes from newborn babies to toddlers, non-judgemental parenting support and workshops in Chislehurst, Bromley, Kent.


4th trimester tips and support new parents, help with colic and reflux, baby sleep, baby massage, baby yoga, sensory play, singing, supporting babies development and  much so more...

Everyone is welcome. I want to support you on your parenting journey, regardless of your parenting choices. 

Classes are in small groups, relaxed and completely age appropriate aiding your babies development, so if you need to cuddle, feed or change your baby during class, that is absolutely fine! 

Small class sizes also allow you to get to know the other parents and babies or toddlers, helping you to build that all important support network and getting to know other parents with similar aged babies.

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Upcoming Baby Classes

Newborn Baby with Mum

Teeny Seeds - Newborn Course


Perfect class for new mums with a newborn baby. Support and tips for the 4th trimester with a different educational topic each week.


Come and make some friends with very similar age babies along the way.

Suitable for babies from newborn up to 10  weeks.

Mum and Baby bonding doing baby massage

Tiny Shoots - Baby Massage

Learn a full body baby massage routine and enjoy some special time with your baby.

We will add a new massage section each week and also add in a little baby yoga and and lovely songs.

Suitable for babies from 6/8 weeks up to 6 months.

Mother and Baby yoga sensory play

Little Buds - Sing, Stretch and Sensory Play

Sensory play, gentle streches and baby yoga moves. A lovely mix of familiar routine and new songs each week. Great, age appropriate, developmental class.

Stage 1 is suitable for babies from around 4 months to crawling and stage 2 from around 7 months to walking.

baby messy and sensory play

Blooms - rhymetime and messy play

Packed full of music, movement and mess! 

Allowing your little one to experience every kind of sensory stimulation in one lively session

Suitable from around 6m to walking.


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