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Communities Coming Together

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

It has been a crazy few months and it doesn't look like we are going back to the way things were anytime soon. It is debatable whether we should or not...

One of the first things I noticed when lockdown started, was how people were there to help each other out and I really hope this is one the "legacies" of Covid-19.

I have personally gone from not really knowing most the people on my street, to reaching out and trying to make sure we stick together, help each other out and stay connected. There has been an amazing amount of people, willing to help complete strangers and communities have really come together at this trying time.

The whole idea of a community has changed for everyone, it includes not just the people you know, but all those around you and in the wider community. I suppose that's how it was meant to always be, but maybe it got forgotten in the modern society?

In the last couple of weeks, I have had the support, help and encouragement of my friends and family, people that I know and have met in person, but also people, who I don't really know or only know through social media and haven’t actually met. I have realised, I am privileged to be part of so many communities and truly started to appreciate the value of modern technology and virtual communities too.

As many of you will know, I had to suddenly and very unexpectedly re-brand. I was operating as Mummas & Beans - Bromley and Chislehurst, as an independent postnatal instructor under an umbrella brand. However, the dreaded Corona changed things. I lost my branding and website, but as an independent owner and teacher, it has not affected my qualifications, training, insurance or ability to deliver great postnatal education, baby massage, baby yoga classes. I also have toddler classes and other exciting new things coming up, so stay tuned! And please let me know how I could help you out. What can I do for you or the people you know in your wider community?

All of my communities have stuck by me, encouraged me and helped me in the last couple of weeks, to come up with my own brand, business name, website, logo, improved class plans, you name it, I'm working on it round the clock, as are most of the other Mummas teachers around the country, the support we have for each other is just amazing and we are sharing ideas and plans to make the classes we offer, better than ever! I cannot wait for this exciting new chapter.

With the help of my amazing friends, family, current and past clients, local businesses, other birth and baby professionals and all

of you lovely people... Here we are, at the launch of Blooming Bubs. I hope I can make a difference in my local and wider community and help support parents on their journey, from the beginning all the way through to toddler years!

Lets work together and create a community we can all be proud to be part of. No judgement, inclusive of all and supporting each other no matter what. And lets keep it going even after it “all goes back to normal” whenever and whatever that may be.

Thank you all for your support!

Lots of love,

Satu xxx

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