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Teeny seeds - Newborn course

May 2020

Excellent course full of so many useful tips! As a new mum, I couldn’t recommend this course enough - it’s a great way to make friends and talk about your experiences with other mums. Satu is such a brilliant, friendly and passionate facilitator! I will highly recommend this course to my friends - thank you! Olivia (M) xx


April 2020

I really enjoyed the classes. Obviously it was a bit disappointing when we moved to online but that wasn't Satu's fault at all and she provided a great alternative on zoom!


October 2019

I signed up for the newborn class and really enjoyed it. I met some lovely mums and great to know someone else is going through the same things. I learnt new things even though this is my 3rd child. Good to meet some of the local business people who can help like the Pilates and safety instructor. Many thanks to Satu. This class is a good reason to get out the house and keep you sane. Hayley


October 2019

These classes were great for a first time mum. I learnt a lot that I could put into practice and it also provided an opportunity to meet other mums and talk and share experiences to help with issues such as colic, sleep etc.


October 2019

Fab class! Would defo recommend, me and Olive thoroughly enjoyed it, looking forward to baby massage! X


October 2019

Satu’s friendliness made everyone feel welcome & at ease, the tea she kindly made at the end, the nappy changing area and the air con when it was hot weather were all great. Easy parking made it ideal too.


Tiny Shoots - Baby Massage


May 2020

We really enjoyed these classes, and their value wasn't at all lessened by the fact that they were online. Satu is a great teacher, easy to interact with and really knowledgeable. The pace was good. The little songs and activities were also great fun for the babies throughout. My baby definitely sleeps better after a massage! It's great to have learned these techniques to do in the future at your leisure. Thank you, Satu!

Kelly Farrell


April 2020

This was my first class with my baby boy. Baby Massage was a relaxed environment which I really appreciated. Satu is really lovely and genuinely cares. Can’t wait to book up the next class!


December 2019

Olive and I enjoyed the class very much!!! Thank you!!! I will definitely be recommending them to friends xxx


August 2019

These classes are fantastic! As a new mum you’ve got to get out of the house, not only will your baby love to see new places and faces, it will help keep you sane! I attended Satu’s baby massage class when my daughter was 2 months old and it was lovely to meet new mums in such a relaxed atmosphere. You can feed or change whenever you need to and my daughter loved the massage, songs and baby sensory section. Satu makes you feel so welcome from the moment you walk in and she makes a very much needed cuppa at the end of the class! I’d highly recommend giving these classes a try 


Little Buds - Sing, Stretch & Sensory Play


February 2020

Baby yoga with Satu is a lovely chance to have fun and bond with your baby. Lovely songs and simple moves which you can practice at home. Jamie loves the class and smiles from beginning to end and always has a lovely long nap afterwards. Satu is a friendly, welcoming host and shares some great tips and advice.


Dec 2019

Satu is a lovely, friendly person and also incredibly generous.


Dec 2019

We enjoy the tummy time and different sensory items in the middle. What’s in the box and flying on mummy’s knees. 

We have enjoyed the class for 3 Months now and Isla has learnt a lot and enjoys the routine of knowing what to expect next. I’ve also learnt some new songs and ways to play with Isla. Paula


Dec 2019

It was a lovely course. Elena and I thoroughly enjoyed our Tuesday mornings with all the other babies and mummies too. Thank you for making it so much fun, we will be back x


Oct 2019

Yes -  Satu’s classes are excellent, friendly, warm and fun.  We just completed baby yoga and it was a lovely relaxing course and a great way to chill with your baby and meet other parents in the area.  Cosmo particularly enjoyed the songs and space theme with twinkly stars!  He always had a long nap after the class - bonus!

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